Utilities and the future of energy

Utilities and...

The future of energy.

The energy exchange is transforming and we serve as the central nervous system. An 11-track summit, knowledge hubs, Initiate! startup & student ecosystem, an exhibition floor with 500+ companies, networking and matchmaking.

Book booth space

Book booth space

They're disappearing quickly.

Our exhibit hall fills up with hundreds of utilities looking for modern tech solutions. Get to the forefront of that problem solving.

Host utility

Join Entergy this year

Our host utility invites you.

Does your utility also have plans to attend? Well, we hope they have plans to save... cause we do. Utility Partner Program plans.


Consumer symposium

Co-located Event.

A one-of-a-kind event that focuses exclusively on customers and their relationships with the smart grid, grid edge tech and related utility programs.


Symposium & training

Co-located Event.

Learn about emerging energy Blockchain technologies at the nation’s largest energy transmission and distribution event.

Protect our power

Best practices in utility cybersecurity

Co-located Event.

Expert presentations focused on a cybersecurity Topic, the vendors in the Topic area, and the presenter’s view of the Best Practice within the Topic.


Grid management working group meeting

Co-Located Event.

Following last year’s successful meeting to write the requirements for utilities around Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems.

View floor plan

View floor plan

See what spots are left.

The floor nearly sold out onsite. Right now the final spots are being taken. Get your company's preferred spot before it's gone.

Solar farm tours

Solar farm tours

Field trip #DTECHstyle.

A guided tour by Entergy of the 1-MW Solar PV Station and 500-kW / 500kWh distribution grid-tied battery pilot within the city limits.

Breakfast roundtables

Breakfast roundtables

Check out the huge list of topics.

Engage with industry experts on specialized topics in a unique intimate setting. Basically the most important meal of the day just got upgraded.

Utility University®

Utility University®

Pre-game your DistribuTECH.

Utility University® occurs the Monday of DistribuTECH (before we say it starts). Don't worry about that. Worry about attending these great workshops.