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DISTRIBUTECH is dedicated to providing the best experience for both exhibitors and attendees. In this pursuit of excellence, we proudly introduce the inaugural DISTRIBUTECH Exhibit Excellence Awards. This award is designed to recognize and celebrate exhibitors who exceed the ordinary and set a new standard for exceptional exhibit displays, enhancing the overall event experience for our valued attendees. 

Our attendees are on the lookout for exhibitors who demonstrate the utmost creativity and effectiveness in showcasing their products and services. We understand that a well-conceived booth not only garners increased foot traffic but also cultivates a wealth of high-quality leads. 

We are excited to announce that all exhibitors at DISTRIBUTECH International 2024 will automatically be considered for these coveted awards. Three prizes will be awarded, each representing excellence in one of the following categories: 

Booth Size Categories: 

  • Under 200 square feet 

  • 300 to 500 square feet 

  • 600 square feet and above 


Event attendees will be the ultimate arbiters, casting their votes through our event mobile app.  


  • Company Branding: Is the company's brand identity seamlessly incorporated into the booth design? 

  • Clarity of Presentation: Is it evident what the company is offering? 

  • Design Excellence: Does the design exhibit originality, effective lighting, and optimal space utilization? 

  • Sustainability: Are materials environmentally conscious, reusable, or suitable for donation? 

  • Attendee Engagement: Are interactive elements creating an immersive experience? 

Winner Announcement: 

Winners will be announced on the last day of DISTRIBUTECH on Thursday, February 29th from 10:15 - 10:45 AM in the Valencia Ballroom. They will be honored with a prestigious award, an exclusive photo opportunity alongside event management and the electrifying Zeus himself, creating unforgettable memories accompanied by an announcement on social media. Winners will also be featured in an article published on POWERGRID International post-event. 

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