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Episode 2 - What Makes a Great Submission?

Episode 3 - Content Submission Pitfalls

Episode 4 - How to Submit a Proposal

How to Submit a Utility University Course Proposal


2024 Track Descriptions

Advanced Distribution Operations

Technologies and solutions that keep the electric grid running smoothly. Fault location and voltage optimization figure prominently in this track.

Asset Management

Tools and strategies to help utility professionals effectively manage and maintain their assets for long-term reliability and sustainability.

Communication Tech/Networks

A smart grid requires constant communications. This track presents communication network strategies and modernization plans for electric utilities.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is increasingly important for resiliency and customer satisfaction. This track covers tools and technologies aimed at keeping the utility/customer relationship mutually beneficial.  

Cyber and Physical Security

Whether it’s a physical assault, a safety incident, or a cyberattack, the focus of this track is keeping the grid and workers safe and secure.

Data Analytics

Data is everywhere. It’s collected from smart devices in the field or at the meter, it’s collected from customers, it’s collected from electric vehicles, chargers, and other distributed energy resources. This track looks at best practices for data collection, management, and analytics.

DER for Reliability

Distributed energy resources can be used during an outage to keep critical customers online. DER can also be strategically deployed to balance renewables on the system or reduce peaks when the grid is strained.


This track focuses on the distributed energy resources management system, a software platform that can be used to manage, monitor, and control DER on a grid.

Electric Vehicles

This track showcases how utilities are working to ensure the grid is stable and able to provide energy to electric vehicles as they are being deployed worldwide.

Energy Orchestration and the DSO

As more DER are being added to the energy system and as the markets are defined so utilities can truly use them for all that they can provide, distribution utilities will need to evolve into distribution system operators (DSO). This track covers the tools, technologies, tariffs and markets that the electric utility of the future will need to take full advantage of DER on their system. 

Grid Modernization

This track looks at how utilities are monitoring, operating, and optimizing grid operations using software tools including the ADMS, the OMS and other enterprise-wide systems.

Smart Cities

The Smart City uses technology to monitor everything from air quality to water efficiency to parking and more. This track highlights smart city best practices and utility/city collaboration on a broad range of topics from smart streetlights to resiliency and sustainability.

Storm & Disaster Management

Storms, floods, wildfires, hurricanes, heatwaves, tornados are all happening with more frequently. This track looks at how utilities prepare for disasters and how they ensure the quickest and most efficient recovery after them.

System Hardening

Minimizing damage when those weather events occur requires hardening activities such as vegetation management, undergrounding, installing stronger poles or larger conductors, even creating microgrids.

The Flexible Grid

A grid powered by intermittent renewable energy and distributed energy resources needs built-in flexibility to remain in balance. This track showcases the tools and strategies utilities are using to add flexibility to the distribution system.

Workforce, Change, and Risk Management

In an industry with so much in transition, the risk of investing in the wrong technology is huge. And once a new system has been identified, what is the most efficient way to roll it out to everyone in the organization? Finally, as the energy universe grows through electrification, how will utilities ensure they have the workforce they need? This track covers best practices for risk management, change management and workforce management.
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