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2025 Topics

Advanced Distribution Operations

The shift from centralized power generation to distributed energy resources requires electric utilities to evolve operations to maintain safety and reliability on the grid. This track showcases how advanced distribution operations and tools — such as DERMS and ADMS — are working to manage and control the future grid through orchestration and flexibility on both the distribution and transmission systems. Optimism surrounding new technology, however, has been met with integration challenges and operational limitations.

  • ADMS 

  • DERMS  

  • SCADA 

  • VPP 

  • Sensors

Asset Management

Utility asset management strategies are critical to ensuring consistent reliability and resilience of the transmission and distribution grids, including storm and disaster management, vegetation management, outage management, data analytics and AI, forecasting, and mapping and GIS.

  • AI 

  • Storm and Disaster Management 

  • Data Analytics 

  • Vegetation Management 

  • Outage Management 

  • Forecasting 

  • Mapping and GIS

Communication Networks

A smart grid requires constant communications. This track presents communication network strategies and modernization plans for electric utilities.

  • Private LTE 

  • Networks

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is increasingly important for resiliency and customer satisfaction. This track covers tools and technologies aimed at keeping the utility/customer relationship mutually beneficial, including AMI, data management, disaster response, user interfaces, energy efficiency, interconnection, C&I, and more. 

  • AMI 

  • Data management 

  • Disaster Response 

  • UX 

  • Energy Efficiency 

  • DER 

  • Interconnection 

  • C&I 

  • Demand Response 


Whether it’s a physical assault, a safety incident, or a cyberattack, the focus of this track is keeping the grid and workers safe and secure.

  • Risk Management 


  • Detection and Prevention 

  • Automation 

  • AI 

  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) 

DER for Reliability and Resilience

Distributed energy resources can be used during outages to keep critical customers online. DER can also be strategically deployed to balance renewables on the system, reduce peaks when the grid is strained, and defer costly system upgrades. 

  • DER 

  • Microgrids 

  • Solar 

  • Storage 

  • VPP 

  • Demand Response

Grid Modernization

Grid modernization aims to fortify the distribution and transmission grids through physical infrastructure investments, as well as software, to improve system operability and resilience. This track covers system hardening, undergrounding, ADMS, AMI, grid enhancing technologies, and non-wires alternatives.

  • System Hardening 

  • Grid Edge Technology 

  • ADMS 

  • AMI 

  • Undergrounding 

  • Grid Enhancing Technologies (GETs) 

  • Non-wires Alternatives 

Policy and Regulation

Regulated utilities rely on supporting and complying with sound policies in order to fulfill obligations to customers and facilitate the energy transition. This track focuses on the local, state, and federal policies that govern transmission and distribution utilities.

  • Federal 

  • State 

  • Siting 

  • Permitting 

  • Decarbonization 

  • Interconnection 

  • Energy Markets 

  • Reliability

  • Bulk Power 

Smart Cities

The Smart City uses technology to monitor everything from air quality to water efficiency to parking, public safety, and more. This track highlights smart city best practices and utility/city collaboration on a broad range of topics from smart streetlights to resiliency and sustainability.

  • Sensors 

  • Data Management 

  • Transportation Electrification 

  • Decarbonization 

  • Resiliency 

  • Disaster Response

Transportation Electrification

Electric vehicles, both residential and fleets, present near and long-term challenges for transmission and distribution utilities, including hardware integration, system planning, and managed charging. This track will cover how transportation electrification impacts the grid, as well as the solutions available to ease and facilitate the transition. 

  • Managed Charging 

  • Fleets 

  • Charging Infrastructure 

  • Hardware 


Utilities are not only tasked with keeping the lights on for their customers, but also their business. This track helps utilities navigate ESG, DE&I, workforce development, digital transformations, AI, finance, and more.

  • DE&I 

  • ESG 

  • Upskilling 

  • Digital Transformation 

  • AI 

  • Safety 

  • Technology 

  • Finance