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The event just wouldn't be the same without its massive exhibit hall lined with product and service companies that marry our conference topics and the shifts in the industry and customer demands. We'd say take a look for yourself, but you'll need to register first.

Exhibit with us

Exhibit With Us

Book space. Meet customers.

You thought 520+ exhibiting companies was impressive? From their perspective, 13,500+ and 341 utilities present is an even bigger deal.

Exhibitor resource center

Exhibitor Resource Center

Everything an exhibitor needs.

Looking for the exhibitor manual, free marketing tools, and success & ROI center? Please, look no further. Just click and you're there.

Live floor plan

Live Floor Plan

Comfy shoes and a tight fit.

We hate to say it, but our exhibit hall is packed. Fortunately, it is with the right people. Rub shoulders, exchange cards and build relationships.

Exhibitor list

Exhibitor List

The tech planned for the floor.

With 520+ exhibitors, we cover so many aspects and niches in the electric, gas and water utility markets - including those in the renewable-to-grid space.

Product list

Product List

Look at all the toys.

We've lumped every product available for every exhibitor into an easy-to-read list. Helping our attendees find exactly what they're looking for.

Meet our exhibitors

Meet Our Exhibitors

Great companies. Great people.

See what our exhibitors are all about. From show specials to press releases, videos to where they reside on the floor.