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  • Mara Winn

    Mara Winn

    Deputy Director, CESER, Department of Energy, Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response
  • William Winters

    William Winters

    Chief Engineering Officer - Protective Relay Strategy Implementation, Consolidated Edison
  • Tim Wolf

    Tim Wolf

    Content and Communications Manager, AES Clean Energy
  • Jennifer Wong

    Jennifer Wong

    Manager, Sustainability, City of Markham
  • Joshua Wong

    Joshua Wong

    General Manager, Grid Orchestration, GE
  • Gary Wong

    Gary Wong

    Global Industry Principal, Infrastructure & Water, AVEVA
  • Edward Wood

    Edward Wood

    Cloud First Networks and 5G Growth & Strategy Lead, ACCENTURE
  • Virginia Wright

    Virginia Wright

    Cyber-Informed Engineering Program Manager, INL National Laboratory
  • Joe Xavier

    Joe Xavier

    Global Product Manager – ANSI Digital Substation Products & Systems, ABB Inc.
  • Joe Xavier

    Joe Xavier

    Global Product Manager – ANSI Digital Substation Products & Systems, ABB Inc.
  • Payam Yeganeh

    Payam Yeganeh

    Managing Director, Digital Grid Practice Lead, Black & Veatch Global Advisory
  • Geri Yin

    Geri Yin

    Head, Grid Innovation, Alectra Utilities Corporation
  • Ben York

    Ben York

    Manager, DER Strategic Projects, EPRI
  • Kevin Young

    Kevin Young

    Director Customer DER Programs, Tampa Electric Company
  • Nanpeng Yu

    Nanpeng Yu

    Professor, University of California, Riverside
  • Amin Zamani

    Amin Zamani

    Executive Advisor and Director of Distributed Energy Systems (DES), Quanta Technology
  • Devin Van Zandt

    Devin Van Zandt

    Senior Technical Executive, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
  • Francisc Zavoda

    Francisc Zavoda

    Senior Research Engineer, CTHQ (Hydro Quebec)
  • Joe Zerdin

    Joe Zerdin

    Director Large Customers, Hydro One
  • Honghao Zheng

    Honghao Zheng

    Manager of Grid Strategy & Analytics, ComEd
  • Joe Zhou

    Joe Zhou

    Vice President, Digital Advisory, Black & Veatch
  • Julia Zhu

    Julia Zhu

    Executive Vice President and Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, Alectra Utilities
  • Umair Zia

    Umair Zia

    Director, Distribution Engineering, Eversource Energy
  • Audrey Zibelman

    Audrey Zibelman

    Advisor, Camus Energy
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