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Troy Cherry

Troy Cherry

Head of Business Development VRDT, Reinhausen

Troy Cherry is the Head of Business Development for Reinhausen Manufacturing, a subsidiary of the Reinhausen Group. He manages engagements with utilities, industry partners and relevant stakeholders to adopt voltage regulation technology on the distribution network. By integrating a standard distribution transformer with an on-load tap changer, the voltage regulated distribution transformer is an innovative replacement for conventional distribution transformers. The VRDT is a solution that solves several distribution grid challenges that have recently emerged due to energy efficiency, electrification and the overall energy transition. Troy works with utilities and industry partners to adopt this smart-grid technology as part of grid modernization and grid reinforcement strategies.

Prior to Reinhausen, Troy has spent 20 years year’s working in the electrical utility sector, with roles spanning from substation and feeder protection, Distribution Automation schemes, and grid edge control. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia. My primary focus is ensuring electrical utilities are utilizing available technology to increase the safety, reliability and flexibility of the electrical network while maintaining cost effective delivery to consumers.