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Robert Emerenciana

Robert Emerenciana

Manager Business Unit Electricity, Water en Energiebedrijf Bonaire

My journey into utilities started 11 yrs ago. After graduating from HZ University of Applied Science(Netherlands) with a Bachelor of Engineering in Energy Technology I moved to Curacao. After working several years working as a project lead in Electricity Distribution at Aqualectra(Curacao Utility Company) I moved in 2020 back to my island Bonaire. In February 2020 I started as a Project Officer at WEB Bonaire responsible for several projects. After 1 ½ yrs I got promoted to the position of Manager Business Unit Electricity. Together with the team, we are responsible for electricity transmission and distribution to 13.000 house holds connections in Bonaire as well as the public lightning infrastructure. Through the 2 ½ yrs now I led together with the team various strategic projects and leading Bonaire into a utility transformation. By doing this Bonaire will be positioned as one of the leaders in energy transition in the Southern Caribbean.