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Richard Wernsing

Richard Wernsing

President, Wernsing Consulting

Dick Wernsing brings 57 years of T&D experience. Since retiring from PSE&G as Director of Strategic Reliability and Delivery Planning, his ongoing consulting work spans T&D equipment, System Planning, Asset Management & Risk, and Offshore Wind analysis, predictive analysis and ML, among other areas.


616 Ponden Drive

Greer, South Carolina 29650

732-233-5924 cell

Recently retired from Public Service Electric and Gas company as Director of Strategic Reliability and System Planning with leadership in the following areas.

·         Substation of the future- Touchless Substations

·         Vehicle Electrification Medium and Heavy-Duty charging methodologies

·         Director of Operational Risk/ Asset Strategy/Utility of the future

·         Materials Management Supply and Demand

·         Budgeting Asset Condition and Health Analysis

·         FERC 2222 ruling impacts on electric distribution companies

Wernsing Consulting LLC.

Advisory experience in Medium and Heavy-duty vehicle electrification and charging strategies including truck and bus electrification.

A senior level advisor on operations director uniquely grounded in electric power encompassing transmission, distribution, and power pooling, future distribution needs and work management.  Has coupled an extensive knowledge of both bulk power/power pool and distribution with a clear vision of exceptional customer services as the driving force for growth and customer retention into the 21st century.   A natural leader with an engineer's respect of the "what if" scenario as a strategic planning tool and a presentation style considered clear and concise.  A team player/leader with a track record of changing the “norm” improving, challenging or reengineering assigned operations and functions.


Experience includes:


Transitioning Distribution Clients into the digital world by implementing IT/OT solutions to new system challenges. Making better use of digital technologies lowering cost and improving performance, while establishing new partnerships. Distribution operations is taking on new meaning and will require significant system changes due to FERC 2222. Use of system models will enable the transition into the digital world. Assisting client with process changes and a new mindset for how to operate the distribution world. To be successful in the future new paradigms must be established as power flows to and from distribution substations.  


Implementation of trucking depots charging strategies for medium and heavy-duty trucks and commercial bus fleets.


Director Strategic Reliability and Delivery Planning 

Responsible for the planning strategy of the entire electric distribution system and the conversion of the 26kv network to 69k, including all load flow studies, incorporating DERMS installations, electric vehicle expansion and industrial electrification of transit busses and trucking companies in New Jersey. Manage the risk of the entire transmission network including asset health, asset risk models and associated power flows. Drive support of the FERC 2222 efforts on transactional energy requirements for DERMS implementation. Collaborated with NJ Transit, and other large trucking companies to establish plans for electrification of bus and truck fleets.  

Manager Electric Asset Strategy  

Responsibilities included the definition of asset information strategies across the utility, asset risk management, creation and enforcement of change management system policies and procedures, and successful deployment and implementation of information technology systems, such as Energy Managements Systems (EMS). Provided extensive knowledge and technical expertise in the generation, transmission and delivery of electricity and technical expertise for mobile business development projects Managed the development and deployment of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)that provides condition and critically assessment on all major transmission and distribution equipment, such as transformers, breakers, relays, towers, and conductors. Collaborated with the asset engineers, the lawyers, and Black & Veatch to develop an asset risk model for justification of replacing aging assets.

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