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Mohan Chidambaram

Mohan Chidambaram

Principal Telecomm Program Manager, Portland General Electric

For the past 2 and a half years, Mohan leads and develops the telecommunications strategy at Portland General Electric (PGE) as PGE continues to invest heavily in those areas to support their grid transformation journey. 

Mohan has over 25 years of wireless telecoms including 16 years at T-Mobile, where as a Market Manager, he ran and was responsible for the entire wireless network (RF, development & operations) covering Oregon and Central and Eastern Washington. Prior to that, Mohan worked for MSI (UK) developing wireless planning software and designing and building wireless networks worldwide (including Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Africa, Denmark, Norway & Germany to name a few).

Mohan holds a Masters in Telecommunications from the University of Essex (UK) and being a typical Brit loves Guinness, soccer (Liverpool FC) and Iron Maiden.