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Mitch Davda

Mitch Davda

Sr. Manager, Smart Meter Operations, Duquesne Light Co
Mitch Davda manages the Smart Meter Operations Center (SMOC) at Duquesne Light Co. He provides strategic and tactical leadership for executing a Smart Grid Strategy to augment the Advanced Metering System to create a grid of the future. At DLC, he successfully spearheaded the transformation journey of metering from AMR to AMI (RFLAN/IPv4) first and then to AMI (CGMesh/IPv6). With Mitch's technical expertise, DLC now proudly owns a state-of-the-art OMS system and an advanced ADMS system that has helped them increase their CSAT scores and reduce call center wait times, and call volumes and thereby reducing overhead. He was instrumental in the acceptance and road map of Street Light conversion to the Smart Street Lights which will serve as the foundation of the Smart Cities and AMI 2.0 for DLC. Prior to DLC, he was a Consultant with Itron for 8 years before he came over from SDG&E.