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Grant Cochenour

Grant Cochenour

Manager of Advanced Grid Operations and Planning, OGE Energy Corp.

I am registered P.E. in Oklahoma, and have worked for Oklahoma Gas and Electric for 18 years, with 15 of those years being attached to the distribution control center in mulitple roles.  I was first a distribution engineer in 2005, but i moved quickly into the distribution control center as an operations engineer in 2007.  Then i became a DMS engineer in 2009, and was one of the original implementors of both of our ADMS implementations.  I then moved to ongoing support for all of our ADMS capabilities including FLISR, IVVC, OMS, SCADA, FEP, power flow applicaitons, ADMS gis data model, and switch order management.  As of 2018, I now manage an engineering support group that maintains ADMS and continues to improve our operational capabilities, preparing us for a future distribution system that is more constrained, more automated, and with extensive DER integration.