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Arup Barat

Arup Barat

Senior Product Manager, Itron
Arup Barat is a seasoned expert in the Cleantech industry with 20 years of experience across Greentech, SmartGrid, and software sectors. He is the Senior Product Manager at Itron, focusing on Grid Edge Flexibility solutions, including electric vehicles and distributed energy resources. Arup has held several pivotal roles, including CEO at Infiswift Solutions, where he spearheaded its growth from inception to commercial success. His leadership at AutoGrid led to a significant investment round and acquisition. Previously, Arup managed product and market strategies at SunEdison and SunPower Corp, handling innovative DER solutions and high-performance PV modules. He holds patents in PV power electronics, contributed to IEEE 1547.3, and has degrees in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Rochester and SUNY, respectively