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Alaric Babej

Alaric Babej

Principal of Customer Energy Solutions, PNM

Alaric J. Babej is the Principal of Customer Energy Solutions at the Public Service Company of New Mexico where he oversees utility programs focused on electrification, energy efficiency, and renewable energy to help customers achieve their sustainability goals. At PNM, Mr. Babej designed and launched an online interconnection process that reduced the time required to evaluate customer solar applications by 80%. He also designed and launched PNM’s inaugural Transportation Electrification Program and company initiatives to accelerate electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure deployment in New Mexico. Mr. Babej earned a Master's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington and an MBA from the Anderson School at the University of New Mexico. When not thinking about the best classic car to convert to an EV, Mr. Babej continuously proves that lack of natural talent is no reason to give up playing hockey.