4 ways to register


Send a completed Attendee Registration Form (coming soon) or
Exhibit Booth Staff Registration Form (coming soon) to


Send a completed Attendee Registration Form (coming soon) or
Exhibit Booth Staff Registration Form (coming soon) to


Send a completed Attendee Registration Form (coming soon) or
Exhibit Booth Staff Registration Form (coming soon) to

CompuSystems/Distrubtech 2019
Suite 400
2651 Warrenville Road
Downers Grove, IL 60515

DTECH19 (DistribuTECH) - (877) 394-9752
(224) 563-3786

Online registration instructions

You can go online for the fastest, easiest way to register! Our one-stop registration system let's you manage your conference purchases for any of PennWell's 50+ global events with just one account. The instructions below will help you get started.

Step 1

Logging into the Online Registration
Login Screen-You will now be prompted to enter your email.
If you have never registered for a Pennwell event, click create an account.

If you have been to a Pennwell event and you know your password, enter your password and then proceed to register. If you do not remember your password, click on “Reset Password” and you will receive an email in a few seconds containing your new password to register. You will now be able to proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Your Account Info and Email Contact Info
If you have not previously registered for a PennWell event, this area will be blank.  You will need to provide your contact details to establish a registration account. Otherwise, if your information is in the registration system, just verify that your contact details are current. Verify the email address on record is valid so that your registration email confirmation and receipt will be received.

Step 3

Complete the Registration Process
Email confirmation of your registration will be sent immediately. Please review this information for accuracy and keep the email on file until after the event.  This is your receipt of payment and onsite Fast Track confirmation. Your unique Email and Password will be used when registering for all future PennWell events.


All registrations submitted online will be processed and credit cards charged immediately. Payment is due upon registration submission. No exception. If you need to pay by check or wire transfer, please print a hard copy of the registration form and follow the directions for submission.

Credit cards accepted online

American Express