Breakfast Roundtables

These roundtable discussions provide excellent opportunities to network with peers while engaging with industry experts. Roundtables focused on specific industry topics are moderated by leading professionals in each field. The roundtables sell out quickly—don’t delay reserving your seat!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Room: 006-008

Thursday, January 30, 2020
7:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Room: 006-008

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Registration Add-On

Separate registration is required for each course. This can be added online.
$75 for each breakfast.

  • 5G- Moderated by Vicki Trees and Denise Ernst (SOLD OUT)
  • ADMS- Moderated by Bob Uluski and Larry Clark (SOLD OUT)
  • AMI – 3.0/Next Gen- Moderated by David Glenwright (SOLD OUT)
  • Asset Management Innovations- Moderated by Hahn Tram (SOLD OUT)
  • Behind-the-meter- Moderated by Johan Enslin (SOLD OUT)
  • Behind-the-meter Assets- Moderated by Ron Chebra (SOLD OUT)
  • Blockchain Applications in Energy- Moderated by Phil Davis (SOLD OUT)
  • Cloud Computing (Cloud & Managed Svcs. Infrastructure)- Moderated by Henry Bailey and Michael Danziger (SOLD OUT)
  • Customer DER: Integrate vs Isolate- Moderated by Dave Elve and Thomas Artau
  • Data-driven Grid Modernization- Moderated by Bill Meehan (SOLD OUT)
  • DERMS- Moderated by Ross Malme and James Helmberger
  • Energy Storage- Moderated by Raj Chudgar and Tom Friedman (SOLD OUT)
  • EV Charging Impact on Utilities- Moderated by Carol Johnston, Alan Saunders and Greg Robinson (SOLD OUT)
  • IoT SCADA - cost-effective real-time data acquisition and controls- Moderated by Ali Ipakchi and Alex Lago (SOLD OUT)
  • Machine Learning/AI Applications- Moderated by Reza Alaghehband, Ross Smith and Anil Pahwa
  • Microgrids- Moderated by Bennie Fussell, Kevin Fok and Ken Horne 
  • New Business Models for Utilities- Moderated by Marco Janssen, Clark Wiedetz and Richard Stuebi (SOLD OUT)
  • Practical Cybersecurity for Substation Automation-Moderated by Roon Farquharson and Francisco Sarmento (SOLD OUT)
  • Private Networks for Utilities- Moderated by Robert Duval (SOLD OUT)
  • Transactive Grid- Moderated by Sharon Allan (SOLD OUT)
  • Utility-driven Smart Cities- Moderated by Josh Wepman (SOLD OUT)
  • Utility of the Future- Moderated by John McDonald, Dave Foltz, Scott Sternfeld and Forrest Small (SOLD OUT)


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Conference manager
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