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Mardi Grid

Long live #MardiGrid

What a great onsite experience.

Changed the game of the exhibition... fleur! 

What was Mardi Grid? This was DTECH's most unique attendee-to-exhibitor experience. Mardi Grid was the week long culture of attendee-to-exhibitor experience and it's also how we planned to give back to both of them.

Mardi Grid served as a hub on the exhibition... fleur where attendees gave feedback, won prizes, engaged with our social team, grabbed something to drink anytime (relax; it was water) and new to #DTECH2019 - where  they made conversations with our exhibitors very two-way through our Exhibition 'Fleur' Awards. 

Exhibition 'Fleur' awards winners

Best 800 SQF< Booth Design

Best 600 SQF> Booth Design

Best Social Presence

Most Innovative Disruptive Product

Most Innovative Disruptve Service

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