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Welcome to the Initiate! page!
This is the only hub where you'll learn all about the new start-up area on our floor—where new products/services get highlighted and we push the industry even further. Accompanied by our student and young talent lounge—the future of DISTRIBUTECH International is here!

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Initiate! winner
  • Each of our 20 start-up companies will "pitch" their solutions to our panel of expert judges. 
  • Eight start-ups will pitch in the Dragon's Den on Wednesday, Jan. 29th. They'll participate in a Q&A session with the judges and receive feedback from those judges. Three companies from the top eight will be recognized as DISTRIBUTECH 2020's top three Initiate! companies. 
  • Initiate! sponsor Amazon Web Services Power & Utilities group will provide all Initiate! Start-up companies with programs and resources they need to quickly build, launch, and scale their company on AWS—including credits, training, and support through AWS Activate.

Meet Our Start-up Companies

Initiate! Hub Schedule (as of 1/15/20)

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

10:35 AM
10:45 AM Ario Technologies
10:55 AM Blastpoint
11:05 AM Brains4Drones
11:15 AM Camus Energy
11:25 AM Caporus Technologies
1:00 PM Scott Hinson, Pecan Street - Platforms, large and small..lessons from our work with startups and entrenched market players
1:30 PM Erik Pavelka, Amazon - AWS Connections - Innovate with Startups
2:05 PM clearGRID
2:15 PM Envelio
2:25 PM Evolve Energy
2:35 PM PowerLines Pro
2:45 PM Solcast
2:55 PM Futurus
3:05 PM Security Limits
3:15 PM Greg Reed, National Science Foundation - Accelerating Innovation for Societal Impact though Public/Private Partnerships
3:45 PM Peter Christensen, PNNL - Powering a Greener and More Resilient Grid with Emerging Technology from Department of Energy National Laboratories

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

10:30 AM Liz Thompson, EPIcenter - Reality Bites: Energy Innovation within Utilities and Startups
11:00 AM Daniel White, National Grid Parntners - Selling start-up innovation to utilities
  Dragon's Den, Top 8 start-ups present
1:35 PM Athena Power pitch
1:50 PM Electriphi pitch
2:05 PM idenergy
2:20 PM Jupiter Intelligence
2:35 PM LiveEO
2:50 PM Pacific Volt
3:05 PM Shifted Energy
3:20 PM Treverity
4:00 PM Powerful Young Professionals Networking Reception

Thursday, January 30, 2020

9:30 AM Panel- Plug & Play Tech Center - Champions of Open Innovation in Utilities: Rolling out PoCs (proof of concepts) with Startups
10:30 AM Awards


Daniel J. White

Director of Business Development
National Grid Partners

Debarshi Das

Director of Energy
Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI)

JoJo Hubbard

CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel Gabaldon

Roland Berger LLC

Jill Vassar

Director of Development and Partnerships

Jason Handley

Director-Smart Grid Emerging Technology and Operations
Duke Energy

Michael Danziger

Managing Director
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Ross Malme

Skipping Stone, LLC

Dr. Roberto Aiello

Managing Director, Itron Idea Labs
Itron Inc.

Raj Chudgar

Demand Power Group Inc.

Joe Zerdin

Manager Large Distribution Customers

Mary Wilson

Global Alliances, Power & Utilities

Adam Krozel

Grid Modernization Business Manager