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What is Initiate?

Initiate is a global movement that breeds talent, empowers next-gen energy entrepreneurs and creates impactful programmes to move our industry forward.

Founded in 2014, Initiate brings together startups, students, corporate executives, public sector innovators and investors around the world.

Stronger together

It offers an unrivalled platform for cutting-edge start-ups and young bright minds to collaborate with established players and investors in the sector.

By bringing them all together on the Initiate Hub, DISTRIBUTECH encourages the existing generation of professionals to be sparked with new ambition, while the next generation of energy entrepreneurs gets access to invaluable market knowledge from DISTRIBUTECH’s speakers, partners and exhibitors.

How can you be apart of Initiate?

We believe in the ability of humans to deliver clean energy for all with research, invention, innovation and collaboration.

Join us and get in touch with Sarah Toews, sarah.toews@clarionevents.com.

You can find Initiate! around the globe attending and hosting events.

Each meet-up is designed to target the challenges relevant to a specific region or continent with the common goal of collectively accelerating the energy transition through next gen tech, next gen talent and a next gen mindset.


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Initiate believes in the ability of humans to deliver clean energy for all through research, invention and innovation, supported by collaboration between all industry stakeholders.

Join us and get in touch with the Initiate team!

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2020 Initiate Winners


LiveEO was the 2020 winner of Initiate! They recieved an Initiate alumnae stand at DTECH 2021 and $2500 credit to use toward any sponsorship.

The other 2 companies in the top 3 - Electriphi and Treverity- received an Initiate alumnae stand at DTECH 2021.