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Maplewell Energy

Maplewell Energy has created a predictive, energy management system that enables grid-interaction, peak demand shaving and demand response. It reduces peak load and delivers 100% autonomous, demand charge management. Deployed in the cloud or at the edge, it acts as a supervisory layer optimizing behind-the-meter, balancing DERs and flexible loads. Initial product launch features support for PV and BESS with future support of HVAC, refrigeration and backup power. Key Benefits: Reduce peak demand by 50%, Lower energy costs by 40%, Increased operational resiliency: avoid service disruptions with microgrid operation and predictive maintenance, Reduce GHG emission by 40% by maximizing self-consumption of PV system and optimizing carbon intensity of electricity import, Use normal building systems as storage (HVACs, refrigerators, air compressors), Operate enterprise buildings as VPPs and participate in wholesale markets to open new revenue streams
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