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Construction is hard because there are many moving parts and unknown risks. An underground surprise can shut a job down, cost thousands of dollars, or cause accidents. Site data is fragmented, time-consuming to get, and hard to find. Our civil engineers and builders are working blind because they lack the data they need.

To solve this, CivilGrid built the first comprehensive map database for engineering and construction. CivilGrid securely and instantly shares underground asset locations to engineers, planners, and contractors. CivilGrid also compiles dozens of other datasets together in one place. Savings on research and due diligence approach 90%. CivilGrid automates today’s 4+ week manual processes and helps cities/utilities share sensitive asset data in a secure and traceable system.

Energy transition, climate resilience, infrastructure renewal will require millions of construction projects on an aggressive timeline. CivilGrid helps make those projects safer, faster, and cheaper.

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