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C-Crete Technologies

Transformers are critical components of the power grid distributions via stepping up/down the voltage. The key cause of failure in the majority of transformers is overheating or insulation issues related to the oil-paper pair system. C-Crete has pioneered a nanofluid and nanocomposite pair product system that is exceedingly resilient to thermal stress and time, and works greatly with any base oil including mineral oils, ester-based oils as well as kraft papers and pressboards. The primary features of our product include high thermal conductivity, high dielectric strength, low moisture content, and high longevity with only fraction of the cost of other similarly high-performance materials. Our product enables i) overloading the transformers (thus more power per asset), ii) increasing the lifetime of transformers (hence eliminating maintenance cost and lead time), iii) decreasing the carbon footprint of the assets, and iv) enhancing the grid resiliency.

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