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Morning Keynote | Cracking Creativity: Reimagining AI and Creativity for Greater Personal & Team Growth

Feb 29, 2024
Valencia Ballroom

Abigail Posner
Director of Creative Works, Google
Podcast Host, HUMAN CODE
Member of the Board of Directors for ENDI Corporation

February 29, 2024 | 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Abigail Posner shines a humanistic lens on business and technology, bringing a fresh perspective to creativity, innovation and corporate culture. As the Director of Google’s US Creative Works, Abigail and her team work closely with the advertising and marketing communities to help develop the most effective ads and content for YouTube. She hosts the podcast Human Code, has published thought pieces in publications around the world from Fast Company to Advertising Age, and is the recipient of the prestigious Media Impact Award from the UN. In this presentation, Abigail will spark novel thinking by leveraging case studies as well as her experience in brand development, creative advertising, neuroscience, technology, and anthropology ultimately sharing how we can enhance our innovative and creative powers every day. Leaders who understand and acknowledge that in reality AI and all things tech are simply opening the door for more creativity and innovation from the human side, are the ones who will maintain their authenticity and thrive in this new world of tech dominance. 

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