The Full e-Mobility and EV Experience is Here

As our transportation system becomes electrified, utilities will be at the center of it all.  DISTRIBUTECH International — the world’s largest energy transmission and distribution event for utilities, technology providers, and power producers — will showcase these cutting-edge e-mobility and electric vehicle technologies in 2020.


e-Mobility and EV in the Content Program

Smart cities and IoT track

Summit Track

Smart cities and IoT track

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Grid of Things (GoT) are rapidly evolving into smart cities. Electric utilities/electricity providers are at the heart of...

e-Mobility and smart cities hub

Knowledge Hub

e-Mobility and smart cities

Each year, more and more cities are creating connected communities with engaged citizens and utility initiatives often play a key role in this transformation...

Utility University

Utility University®

DISTRIBUTECH International is pleased to offer the following courses as intensive opportunities for attendees to gain skills and knowledge in specific industry fields. All Utility University courses will be held on Monday only. 

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e-Mobility and EV on the Exhibit Floor 

Current exhibitors

Current Exhibitors

This year, we have many exhibitors focusing on
e-mobility and EV. 

1. Jomar Softcorp International
2. Greenlots
3. Tritium


Exhibition 2.0

We're reimagining the floor networking experience with these key additions: 

1. Initiate! and Accelerate! Bigger and better start-up zone 
2. Enhanced Knowledge Hubs More space & more FREE content
3. Food & Networking Hot Spots No need to walk for a bite and a quick meet
4. MATCH! Meeting zone (available for participating exhibitors)
5. Organized Intl & Technology Pavilions Making a big floor small again

e-Mobility zone

e-Mobility Zone

Located adjacent to this year's e-Mobility and Smart Cities Knowledge Hub, this unique section of the floor will provide an intense pulse of e-mobility and EV products/services activity.

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e-Mobility and EV in the Media

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POWERGRID International

Portland General Electric opens smart grid test bed


With this pilot, PGE is building the roadmap to a virtual power plant 

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Power Engineering International

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