Free marketing tools

These great tools are also known by their nickname - "unpaid marketing tools." Utilize these great items to let your clients know you're going to be at the most important and impressive electric, gas and water utility conference - available right smack on the exhibit hall floor. You can even get your clients in for free!
Internet ProTip:
Before you start, make sure your pop-up blocker on your internet browser is off.

#1 NEW - Custom invite link for free exhibit hall access - for your clients

Option 1: New this year. A shareable invite link just for your company. Give it to your team to get their desired customers on the floor - and at your booth.

Option 2:
Download the customizable free exhibit hall pass email. Customize the html invitation with your company name, booth number, message - and most importantly, your custome invite link (from Option 1). Access to an html software such as Dreamweaver is required for this option.

#2 Viral video offer

Submit your most exciting product or service demo videos to us and we’ll share it with our audience! Factory tours, stress-tests, DIY’s… if you’d take a moment to watch it while browsing on Facebook - chances are - someone else will. Again, this special offer is currently being provided to you free of charge.

Submit your videos to Anna Wackenhuth at with the subject: #DTECH2019Exh Video. Not all videos are guaranteed to be posted as they are subject to review by the DistribuTECH content team.

Send options:

1 – Send native file download link (preferred) and allows us to tag your company. If you have a Facebook page, include the URL in your email.
2 – YouTube link to the video.

#3 Instant customized banners

Does your company lack 1) Photoshop and/or 2) Time? Well, we thought we'd be proactive this year and just go ahead make your custom banners ads instantly. That gives you the ability to embed your booth # in your banners - without any extra work. Available in 728x90, 300x250 and 300x600 - and instant downloading!

Prefer more control? Download our customized PSD banner files instead.

#4 Get the DistribuTECH logo

Get our official event logo in multiple formats for any print or digital needs - or to include in your email signature.