These great tools are as potent as they are laser-focused. If you're looking to reach our audience before, during and after the event, we've developed a slew of options for you.

Need More Tools?


Clarion Energy showcases all of the modern and digital marketing options we have to offer – beyond those tied to just this event.


Attendee Bag Insertion

Our attendees count on us to provide them with all that they need at the event. This includes helpful tools and communication pieces provided in their attendee bags. We limit this to a very select number of items to make this an easy experience for the recipient - and a valuable one for our participating clients.


Event e-Newsletters

Our attendees look to our daily newsletters to provide a wholistic recap of the most important moments while at the event. Inserting your message and content within these deployments is a strong way to ensure high visibility to our attentive audience.


Event Guide Advertising

Literally put your message into the hands of thousands of attendees as they review the onsite guide for information on our exhibiting companies and map out their week's meeting agenda. And earn rebooking points in the process. You'll want to hurry though, this one has a firm printing deadline!


Event Website Display Ads

As we add new content, provide event updates and drive traffic with our attendee and exhibitor campaigns, we provide a very valuable, highly-trafficked environment of individuals thinking about our event and forming their early business decisions.


Exhibitor Branding in Venue

Find out just how many ways we can further embed your message within our audience members' visual experiences. Ranging from traditional signage to offbeat and unique approaches, we're open to doing what fits your branding narrative. Let's chat.


Exhibitor Listing Upgrades

Enhance your company's initial impact on our attendees by upgrading your company listing. This quick and easy process allows you to enjoy some great built-in marketing opportunities.


Live Simulcast at the Event

Really put your message at the forefront, with a fully produced and simulcasted live webcast. Audio / video presentations that can be enjoyed by our event audience - and more. During and after the event is over. Use this excuse to even host a lunch for attendees as a value add.


Onsite Lead Retrieval

Take the next step in your booth traffic funnel with onsite lead retrieval. Capture the great conversations for post-event discussion, relationship-building and long-term marketing.


Private Meeting Rooms

Expand your onsite meeting capabilities without having to completely rearrange your booth design - or up your floor space. The onsite meeting was designed to give you a dedicated and guaranteed spot for the most important of meetings.



Our sponsorships start with your goals and work their way back from that. They never start with the price. Our available opportunities change each year with both - advancements in available technology as well as with the unique capabilities within each facility and host city's limitations.


Targeted Message Campaigns

We understand the value of a truly targeted email campaign. Increased open rates. Increased CTR. This can prove to be a much better-performing tactic than to reach out to a massive group. Let us help your company focus in only on the specific niche of individuals you want to reach.


Video Production Services

Get an informative video captured while you’re at the event. Don’t miss a beat (or even a single meeting). Turnkey video service isn’t something foreign to us. We know video’s effectiveness in marketing and have been helping our customers see results on a global scale - for years.


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