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The DISTRIBUTECH team strives to create an experience that is cleaner and more sustainable from start to finish. Our mission is to impact change through our conference programming as well as our event planning processes and onsite practices wherever possible. Our team and our vendors are committed to mitigating environmental impacts and supporting social change whenever and wherever we hold DISTRIBUTECH today and in the future.  

Reduced Printing and Digital Signage 

  • Less paper/printing  

  • Digital signage  

  • Material we use – honeycomb, vinyl, 3M Clings, and fabric 

Recycling and Composting 

The San Diego Convention Center uses 4-stream waste receptacles divided into paper, recyclables, trash and compost which are available throughout the convention center. This system lets our attendees help with the recycling process.  

The venue also composts onsite! 

Energy and Efficiency  

The San Diego Convention Center is LEED Gold Certified and uses LED lights throughout the whole facility. Some additional efficiencies include low-flow automatic sinks and toilets, drip irrigation for outdoor landscaping and energy-efficient dishwashers. 

Carbon Offsets  

With our partner, we will offset our carbon impact throughout the event.   

Attendees have the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets for the event during the registration process.  

Material and Food  

Together with the convention center, we will ensure that extra food and promotional items do not go to waste by donating to local organizations, for more information, please visit here.

Identified water refill stations throughout the convention center to allow for easy water bottle refill. 

The Expo Group – Official Contractor for DISTRIBUTECH 

The Expo Group – Official Contractor for DISTRIBUTECH 

The Expo Group reduces, reuses, recycles and encourages you to do the same!  

  • Order booth services online to reduce paperwork. 

  • Rent carpet directly from us to be sure it contains recycled content and is recyclable. 

  • Ask about graphics and signs that can be made from materials containing recycled content and are recyclable. 

Learn more about going green with The Expo Group HERE.

Exhibitors - Join the DISTRIBUTECH International Sustainability Pledge  

We are dedicated to creating a more sustainable DISTRIBUTECH experience. Exhibitors can support the event by pledging to be more sustainable. This includes the types of lighting used within your booth space, the material used for giveaways, the type of material used for the build as well as flooring choices. Join us!