Howdy pard'ner!

Let's get ya' roped in with #DISTRIBUTEXAS

This year, our attendees have a one-stop on the exhibit hall that is destined to be the most rootin & tootin' floor traffic spot in the hall - this side of the Mississippi. 

Included in DistribuTEXAS (more below)
- hubs Connect matchmaking meeting corral
- Official event survey
- Official DistribuTEXAS shirt
- Official social media hub & photo contest
POWERGRID International & Renewable Energy World giveaways & games
- Attendee watering hole

Attendee saloon - booth #323

Get your DistribuTEXAS on at the attendee saloon. Come through our swinging doors (no joke) for so many things to do - you'll feel like a armadillo at a cactus party. (That's a thing, right?)

Things to do:

• Take the survey then grab your free #DISTRIBUTEXAS t-shirt. Take a photo with it for... A $500 GIFT CARD!
• Sign up for great editiorial newsletters for free - and win prizes do it!
• Feelin' parched - nab some water from the watering hole on the way out.
• Take a selfie at our official social media photo spot for a chance to win - wait... ANOTHER $500 GIFT CARD!

Things to win:

• Up to 2 $500 GIFT CARDS toward some cowboy boots
• Killer boot koozies
• Hilarious foam cowboy hats
• Sweet sippin' color changin' cups

hubs Connect corral - booth #223

If one of the main reasons you came to the show was to network, arrange meetings and do business - then one of the main reasons you came was hubs Connect. This onsite meeting zone is for pre-scheduled attendee-to-attendee meetings - and has quickly shown to be the hotspot for taking relationships to the next level.

Things to do:

• Meet other pros
• Schedule meetings / check-in to meetings
• Exchange contact information

How do you start?

Open the DistribuTECH mobile app and click the hubs Connect tile.