How Utilities Can Prepare for a Digital-First World

Jan 26, 2022

From ensuring the power grid is up, providing proactive service, and, especially now, ensuring customers get real-time updates, utility companies face significant challenges and need to rethink how they handle mission-critical work. Organizations are looking to technology for support with the need to deliver essential services better and faster. Discover how your organization can navigate a digital transformation to improve operational efficiencies, strengthen customer relationships, and accelerate its road to net-zero.

Key Takeaways:

  • Navigate digital transformation to improve operational efficiencies and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Increase productivity, online and offline, with Salesforce Field Service.
  • Adapt to meet rising utility customer expectations by connecting utility customer service and engagement on a single, flexible platform.
  • Leverage automation to prioritize the essential job and save employees time.
  • Deliver digital-first personalized customer service on one connected platform.

Presented By:

  • Susie Turk, Senior Director, Solution Engineering, Salesforce
  • Kelly James, GM & VP, Energy and Utilities, Salesforce