Attaining Sustainability: 3 Models of Utility Modernization

Jan 26, 2022

Complimentary lunch provided

Faced with unpredictable climate events and an energy grid that must expand to include a move towards electrification and non-traditional energy sources and providers, the industry is undergoing fundamental change. So far, we’ve seen a varied response, often dependent on geography, socioeconomics, and the technology capabilities of each utility.

Emerging from these efforts are three distinct configurations of utility modernization that are underway today:

  • Building the plane as you fly
    Without the luxury of building an entirely new operation in the wings, utilities must integrate modern technologies within existing infrastructure, testing them in real-time, while maintaining current services. These organizations must turn (and innovate) on a dime.
  • Building from scratch
    The climate disasters testing utilities around the world are wreaking havoc in less developed countries, wiping out entire operations. No longer bound by historical parameters—but under significant pressure to restore services—these utilities must quickly decide what to build and how to build it.
  • Building the future
    Some utilities are well ahead of the curve, topping the leader board in supporting sustainable energy. However, these frontrunners also serve as our frontline, dealing with the pain of first-time issues and new challenges unique to early adopters.


  • Enrique Ochoa Reza, Energy Specialist, IFS
  • Carol Johnston, VP Energy, Utilities and Resources, IFS

Join us for an insightful panel discussion that will explore real-world examples of each configuration model across North America, Europe, and within developing nations. Panelists will share perspectives from utilities around the world.