2020 Utility University®

DISTRIBUTECH International is pleased to offer the following courses as intensive opportunities for attendees to gain skills and knowledge in specific industry fields. Utility University® courses fill up quickly! Be sure to reserve your spot by registering online. All Utility University® courses will only be held on Monday, January 27th. 

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Separate registration is required for each course. This can be added online.
Half-day courses are $295 ($330 after 11/15) ($350 after 1/26).
Full-day courses are $495 ($530 after 11/15)($550 after 1/26).
Lunch is included for full day or two half day registrations.

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

UU 101: ADMS Solutions for Modern Distribution Systems

This course will provide the information electric utilities need to plan, integrate, and commission an advanced distribution management system (ADMS) that includes functions for electrical optimization, outage management, DER Management, and other advanced applications.

UU 102: SCADA: The Platform for All Automation

This course provides a comprehensive examination of electric utility supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. As well as the many adjacent technologies, techniques and industry best practices that accompany them.

UU 103: Planning for Integration of Distributed Generation, Energy Storage and Microgrids in Smart Distribution Systems

This course provides an impartial, technology and vendor-neutral discussion on the following topics: 

• Planning and engineering analysis for integration of distributed generation, energy storage and microgrids in smart (modern) distribution systems as Non-Wires Alternatives (NWA);
• Modeling, simulation and analysis of technical aspects of integrating distributed generation, energy storage and microgrids (AC, DC and Hybrids) to evaluate design and determine any specific technologies or new automation, control and protection schemes required to ensure reliable and successful deployment and operation,
• Advanced studies, benefit-cost analyses for evaluation of applications of energy storage and microgrids for DER Valuations
• A review of real-life distribution planning case studies for integration of these technologies on distribution systems.

UU 104: The Future of Outage Management Systems

The purpose of this course is to educate students on:

• The role of Outage Management Systems (OMS) at utilities
• How OMS technology is evolving and the future trends of the technology
• How Emergency Management practices are being embraced and used by utilities
• How customer communication is evolving related to outages

UU 105: Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Smart Grid

This course provides background information, real-world development experience, and in-depth discussions of big data analytics and machine learning in smart grid. The value, velocity, volume, and variety of big data in smart grid will be discussed. The basics of machine learning algorithms such as unsupervised learning, supervised learning, and reinforcement learning algorithms will be taught. Important real-world applications of big data analytics and machine learning in transmission systems, distribution systems and electricity market will be presented.

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

UU 201: Advanced Enterprise Architecture Incorporating Emerging Technologies for Utility of the Future and Grid Modernization Programs

The purpose of this course is to better understand business reasons for using new technologies such as cloud computing. As well as developing enterprise architecture skills for emerging technologies including Machine Learning, Cloud, IoT, and learning how to select most appropriate architectures for advanced applications.

UU 202: AMI Data Operations: Managing Real-time Sensor and IoT Data to Unlock the Next Level of Utility Operational Improvements

This course is focused on data operations in the real-time world of AMI and IoT. 

UU 203: System Hardening: Strategy, Tactics, and Cost Recovery

The goal of this course is to provide an overview of system hardening for North American utilities—including all of the information needed to develop a hardening strategy such as selecting hardening tactics, and design a system hardening plan that has a high likelihood of receiving favorable cost recovery treatment by regulators.

UU 204: Lessions Learned from Design, Construction, Commissioning and Operation of Electric Utility Microgrid

The main purpose of this course is to gain better understanding and share field experiences associated with different challenges that pertain to the design, commissioning, implementation, operation and maintenance of electric utility microgrid.

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

UU 301: Creating a Smart Utility Communications Roadmap for SCADA, AMI, DA, DER and Emerging IoT Applications

This informative course provides a fresh, unbiased perspective of communication technologies for the critical backhaul of SCADA, AMI, DA, DER and emerging smart utility IoT applications.  The latest communications breakthroughs will be reviewed with case studies which will be used to enhance the learning outcomes.  Comparisons will be made regarding: latency, reliability, ease or challenge of obtaining end-point coverage, throughput potential, power requirements, typical pricing and several other characteristics...

UU 302: Practical Applications & Real-life Examples for the Digitalized Substation

Understanding the full lifecycle of the IEC 61850 system is the key to a successful deployment. The best way to understand each stage is to review practical use cases and tools in the market today to work through real-life examples. This course will teach you how IEC 61850 IEDs capabilities and data models are formally specified using the configuration language and how a system is designed including defining the communication parameters, the information flow implemented with IEC 61850 GOOSE messages to implement the protection and control schemes and the reporting for the SCADA communication. The final phases of the lifecycle are critical to ongoing success and will be demonstrated by setting up functional testing of the system and preparation of maintenance tests to be done in a live system.

UU 303: The AMI Journey: Issues and Solutions of the Design, Deployment and Operations and the Advanced T&D Applications of an AMI System

The purpose of this course is to present a utilities AMI system implementation not as a singular event, but, as a series of four stages with their own goals, tasks, and success metrics. These four stages include design, deployment, operations, and using the AMI system to support T&D operations.

UU 304: Demystifying Grid Modernization: Practical Steps to Systematically Become a Future-enabled Utility      

The purpose of this course is to provide actionable guidance to all levels of grid practitioners (i.e., leadership, management, and staff) that are seeking to bolster their grid modernization deployment efforts.  Attendees will gain a more robust understanding of the primary components associated with grid modernization, how to align and consider these components in light of a strategic framework, and how to apply them within a specific utility context. The course will provide an environment for robust exploration of various grid modernization frameworks and utility case studies via facilitated and peer-to-peer discussions.