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Microgrids Track

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2020 Track Chair:

Ken Horne

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Track Description:

Commercial customers, municipalities, schools, hospitals and others are turning to microgrids to safely and reliably power their operations. True microgrids are connected to the greater grid but can island when necessary to provide critical power in times when the grid is down. Chicago, for example, is creating the first microgrid “cluster” in its innovative Bronzeville neighborhood, which it calls the community of the future.

In addition, mini-grids offer the hope of electrification to many that do not have access to a larger grid in markets where overall electricity is scarce.

This track focuses on how utilities are meeting the challenge of creating, building and managing microgrids and minigrids to improve energy reliability and rural electrification. From energy management technologies, to customer management and business models, sessions in this track will explore what many believe is the future of electrification.

Featuring Sessions of Special Interest to:

• Utility executives
• Operations managers
• Asset managers
• Utility engineers
• Business improvement engineers/analysts
• Project managers
• IT executives
• System architects