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Distribution Automation Track

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2020 Track Chair:

Joe Zerdin
Hydro One

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Track Description:

Successful distribution automation requires the integration and enhancement of various technologies, including smart switching and protective devices, smart sensors, intelligent controls, telecommunication protocols, devices and infrastructure, along with analytical and simulation software, to facilitate real-time decisions and meet growing customer expectations. Due to smart distribution technology implementations, software tools are being developed to integrate information from dissimilar devices and systems and summarize the information to facilitate and enhance decisions addressing reliability, distributed energy resources, conservation and power quality.

This track focuses on technologies, road maps and equipment used for distribution feeder automation development, including distribution automation, protection and control, fault location and service restoration; Volt/VAR optimization; smart sensors applied in DA or FLISR applications; and challenges and successes in implementing and integrating automation.

Featuring Sessions of Special Interest to:

• Electric distribution system operators
• Electric feeder automation engineers
• Electrical substation engineers
• Telecommunication engineers
• Protection and control engineers
• Electric distribution planners
• Electric utility consultants
• T&D and automation managers
• Automation equipment manufacturers and ADMS vendors