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2020 Track Chair:

Ross Malme
Skipping Stone

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Track Description:

The electric grid is becoming more complex and much of this complexity stems from the rapid rise of distributed energy resources (DER) such as behind-the-meter solar PV, batteries, and smart thermostats that control smart water heaters and air conditioners. In addition, utilities are implementing in-front-of-the-meter DER such as cogeneration, biomass, EV charging stations, and storage at substations and along feeder lines to maintain grid stability. Because of this rise of DER, grid operators must understand the operational concepts, capabilities and architectural principles related to managing and controlling them.

The DER management system (DERMS) is emerging as one of the main technological solutions needed to manage the complex grid. Whether you are managing resources to ensure grid reliability, running a virtual power plant platforms to alleviate capacity constraints, gaining greater visibility as a result of aggregated loads, or controlling devices to deal with feeder constraints, DER management and control systems are needed.

This track will focus on the latest trends and technologies related to DER management and control.

Featuring Sessions of Special Interest to:

• Electric distribution system operators
• Electric distribution planners
• Resource planners
• Smart grid project managers and engineers
• Technology developers and investors