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Data Analytics Track

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2020 Track Chair:

Dave Foltz

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Track Description:

According to a recent article in Forbes, over the last two and half years more than 90 percent of the data worldwide has been generated. The amount of data produced every day is baffling, which is why solid and reliable data analytics is key for utilities to gain insights into operations management.

This track includes utility best practices and new concepts that create value across a utility’s many lines of business from equipment, to energy management to customer management. In addition, it covers how utilities are moving beyond single application “business silos” to support business intelligence on an enterprise-wide basis. These solutions are challenging as they must address data quality, consistency, and accessibility so that data is suitable for holistic decision-making.

Featuring Sessions of Special Interest to:

• Data analytics professionals
• Data architects
• Asset managers
• Utility engineers
• Operations and engineering management
• Business improvement engineers and analysts
• Project managers
• IT executives
• Business operations leaders