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Cybersecurity and Incident Response Track

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2020 Track Chair:

Scott Rogers
Environmental Consultants

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Track Description:

Grid security, reliability and resiliency are not the same, but are strongly interlinked. Cyberattacks and hacks, aging infrastructure and disastrous weather events make it harder than ever for energy transmission and distribution (T&D) companies to keep power flowing and to restore power when outages do occur all the while ensuring that their assets remain safe, in every sense of the word.

Customers’, regulators’ and politicians’ scrutiny of grid protection, performance and power restoration, especially during catastrophic events, also continues to increase.

Like every other sector of our society, utilities are exposed to a litany of threats to both their physical and cyber assets, as well as their financial well-being. The nature of the electric utility business makes generating plants, powerlines, substations and customer connections vulnerable and easily accessible to both physical and cyberattacks.

This track focuses on solutions and lessons learned regarding identifying areas of highest reliability risk to the T&D network from vegetation, aging assets or terrorism in an effort to reduce the number, duration and impact of power outages. These solutions often include strategies focused on hardening the assets. Other solutions include, but are not limited to, outage management, workforce management and fleet management solutions.

The ever-increasing regulatory requirements challenge utilities to meet their regulatory obligations. Security specialists and reliability focused utility technologists will find this track has information that is current and important to how they reduce threats to the systems they are charged with protecting.

Featuring Sessions of Special Interest to:

• Securing operational and business systems and infrastructure
• Reliability of the transmission or distribution network or both
• Project planning and implementation of “smart grid” endeavors
• Communication network operation and design
• Standards development in NERC and IEEE pertaining to defending utilities from malfeasance