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Customer Strategies and Technologies Track

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2020 Track Chair:

Stephen Callahan

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Track Description:

Energy providers and electricity deliverers are developing technology roadmaps and leveraging smart grid investments to not only enable enhanced customer engagement, but to improve infrastructure efficiency and defer capital expenditures. Customers expect their utilities to provide them with much more than just electrons and a monthly bill. Some customers are even mitigating their reliance on their electricity provider by becoming self-generators.

Electricity providers must get to know their customers and develop services to improve the customer experience while at the same time influence customer behavior through demand response and efficiency programs that will defer and limit capital investment. In addition, they must become more than just electricity providers by creating partnerships with their customers, as well as third parties to create new revenue streams.

This track will provide an in-depth analysis of end-use customer smart grid technologies, services and solutions.

Featuring Sessions of Special Interest to:

• Utility customer service personnel
• Anyone interested in meter and premise to cash business processes
• Senior management interested in raising customer satisfaction
• DR/EE program managers
• Regulators
• Consumer advocates
• Developers of technology targeting C&I and residential customers
• Utility marketers of C&I and residential customer program
• Developers and implementers of customer-focused smart grid initiative