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Asset Management Track

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2020 Track Chair:

John McDonald
GE Grid Solutions


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Track Description:

While the futurists may proclaim that data will one day be the electric utility’s greatest asset, it is the physical assets such as substations, transformers, circuit breakers, poles and wires that utilities must keep healthy today in order to maintain reliability and keep electrons flowing safely to their customers.

Many leading utilities are optimizing maintenance of their most critical assets through digital monitoring and diagnostic (M&D) solutions. These M&D solutions help reduce corrective and time/counter-based maintenance of their equipment and give them insight into risk assessment, conditioned-based maintenance, and T&D asset analytics. They are also employing geospatial technologies to give them more accurate situational awareness of their operations.

Sessions in this track will help attendees develop an understanding of how utilities are managing M&D activities from reactive to proactive using condition monitoring and trend evaluation, including the role that geospatial technologies play in these activities. Sessions here will also cover how utilities are digitalizing substations using IEC 61850.

Attendees will learn how a new breed of asset manager is creating decision support methodologies that assist in repair, replacement and other maintenance decisions by obtaining additional insights into asset performance management, asset strategy and asset investment planning.

Attendees can connect with the world’s leading utilities and see how they are performing substation automation, minimizing preventable failures, reducing maintenance costs, and utilizing assets to maximize return while capturing and retaining asset fleet-related subject matter expertise.

Featuring Sessions of Special Interest to:

• Asset planning managers
• Operations and engineering managers
• Protection and automation managers
• Substation personnel and managers
• Automation systems engineers
• Distribution engineers
• Distribution operations managers