Speaker Tools

These tools were designed in a laboratory to ensure you're able to do your job at the show. Below you'll find the official presentation template as well as a few self-marketing tools to spread the word to your own professional network.
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Debbi Wells
Conference manager
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#1 Presentation Guidelines

Looking for the who, what, where, why and how you need to prep for your presentation? This guide will answer almost everything you can think of.

Deadlines for summit speakers:

December 12, 2019
Draft of presentations due for moderator review.
December 19, 2019
Chairs begin contacting speakers.

Deadlines for Utility University® instructors:

January 6, 2020
Utility University® course materials due to be uploaded.

January 8, 2020
Utility University® instructor payment forms due.

#2 Official Presentation Template

Snag the official presentation template and then start building. This includes a cover and two optional content slide backgrounds.

#3 Create Your Own Social Graphics to Promote Your Sessions

Would you like to develop your own banner ads and have a message specific for just Utility and/or Renewable focused topic? Create your targeted customized banners, here!

#4 Get the DISTRIBUTECH International Logo

Get our official event logo in multiple formats for any print or digital needs - or to include in your email signature.

#5 Get Feedback from your Audience

Help us improve the conference and get feedback on your session.
Once again DISTRIBUTECH International will be asking attendees to fill out conference evaluations to help us improve the conference but we need your help, speakers. The evaluations will be available within the mobile app and on the website and ask attendees 4 easy questions. These evaluations give them the chance to rate the session, rate the speaker and provide topics they’d like to see added to the conference for next year. At the end of your session please remind attendees to take a moment to evaluate your session by simply clicking the link in the app “evaluate this session”.

There is an opportunity for attendees to enter drawings for giveaways as an added incentive to complete evaluations. Please help us continue to improve the conference and provide content our attendees want by encouraging attendees to complete the evaluations.