Knowledge hubs

For the first time, we've developed a fully-scheduled, multi-location presentation program on the exhibition floor… open… to… everyone! These are topical and vary from location. Keep an eye out for the full presentation list.


Debbi Wells
Conference manager
+1 918 832 9265
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Decarbonizing the grid

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What are the technologies, methodologies, processes and programs being used to make the grid greener? Sessions in this track explore distributed energy resources, energy storage and microgrids and the impacts they are having on the grid.

Digitalizing the grid

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Big data is everywhere but is it an asset or a hindrance? In these knowledge hub sessions, we explore how data analytics are being applied to advanced metering infrastructure, distribution automation, asset management, cybersecurity and more in order to improve utility operations.

Expanding the grid

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Grid-edge technologies like demand response, electric vehicles, V2G, smart cities, IoT and other new customer offerings show no sign of slowing down. Sessions in this hub explore the ever-growing grid and how it is helping customers engage with their utilities.

Innovative and emerging technologies

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What’s all the buzz about? Get in-depth information about new technology in this hub. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine-to-machine learning, augmented reality, drones, reality modeling, 3D imaging, and more: if you’re just starting to hear about it, we’ll explore it in-depth here.