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Knowledge Hubs

These fully scheduled, multi-location presentation programs on the exhibitions floor are free and open to all DISTRIBUTECH International attendees. Due to the success of the 2019 introduction of the Knowledge Hubs, for 2020—the experiences are not only set to have an expanded footprint growing 3x in size—but each will also accommodate niche networking events from lunches, to receptions, as well as vast audio improvements.

Decarbonizing the grid

Decarbonizing the Grid

With so many state and local low-carbon energy goals—what are the technologies, methodologies, processes and programs being used to make today’s grid greener? Sessions in this hub explore solar PV, low-carbon distributed energy resources, energy efficiency and microgrids and the impacts they are having on the grid.

Julia Hamm circle

Featured Headliner

Julia Hamm

President and CEO

Carbon-free Energy Future - How Do We Get There?
Tuesday, January 28 | 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

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Digitializing the grid

Digitalizing the Grid

Enormous amounts of data are being collected every moment, but what do we do with it? These knowledge hub sessions explore how data analytics are being applied to advanced metering infrastructure, distribution automation, substation automation, asset management, cybersecurity and more—in order to improve utility operations.

Featured Headliner

Kevin O'Donovan

Technology Evangelist

Digitalization in the Energy Industry - Hype, Trust & Reality in the 2020's
Wednesday, January 29 | 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM


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e-Mobility and smart cities

e-Mobility and Smart Cities

Each year, more and more cities are creating connected communities with engaged citizens and utility initiatives often play a key role in this transformation. In the same fashion, as our transportation system becomes electrified, utilities will be at the center of it all. Sessions in this hub explore topics like vehicle-to-grid, smart infrastructure, charging stations, communication systems and much more.

Suzanee Russo

Featured Headliner

Suzanne Russo

Pecan Street Inc.

Clean Energy’s Killer App - What it Will Take to Connect Clean Energy, Transportation and the Smart Communities We’ve Been Promised
Tuesday, January 28 | 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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Expanding the grid

Expanding the Grid

While grid-edge technologies are getting more sophisticated, there has been a growing popularity in customers seizing opportunities to lower their energy bills—making their homes and businesses smarter, greener and more energy efficient. Many of these technologies can also help grid operators—but how can utilities take advantage of them? Sessions in this hub explore grid-edge and communication technologies—plus customer engagement in the ever-growing grid.

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Innovative and emerging technologies

Innovative and Emerging Technologies

If it’s brand new and has the potential to disrupt, or enhance the utility business—it will be presented at this hub. Presentations will include topics involving blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine-to-machine learning, augmented reality, drones, reality modeling, 3D imaging, and more. If you’re just starting to hear about it, we’ll explore it in-depth in this hub.

Kelly Speakes-Backman

Featured Headliner

Kelly Speakes-Backman

Energy Storage Association

Energy Storage: The Central Hub of a Clean Energy Ecosystem
Wednesday, January 29 | 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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Initiate! is our very own platform for startups, students, young professionals and established professionals to share ideas and innovations.

The need for innovation and change in the industry is apparent and happening and Initiate! is the place, where these discussions can take place.

Initiate! looks at acquiring new talents or forming new partnerships to create positive change. The Initiate! programme stimulates this change by including all players in the eco-system – all with the intention to catapult the industry forward.

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