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Disruptive, emerging and innovative technologies track

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2019 track chair:

Forrest Small,
Senior Managing Director,
Black & Veatch Management Consulting LLC

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Track description:

Emerging and innovative technologies create new opportunities for utilities, electricity deliverers and energy providers. At the same time, these technologies can create major disruptions and challenges. Either way, these transformational technologies are a fact of life for most companies involved with electricity delivery. To succeed, companies must embrace rather than resist disruptors and turn them into opportunities.

The track will cover nontraditional and emerging trends, technologies and solutions that utilities implement to address evolving grid and customer needs, reduce their reliance on traditional transmission and distribution infrastructure technologies, and enable new services and business opportunities. In addition, it will comprise the business models, financing options and valuation of these trends and technologies.

This track will include applications and integration of distributed energy resources (DER), electrification of transportation (EoT), emergence of transactive energy (blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies), as well as emerging electric utility business models and concepts.

Featuring sessions of special interest to:

• Smart grid project managers and engineers
• Utility and independent transmission system operators
• Transmission and distribution planners
• Resource planners
• Power quality and reliability engineers
• Protection engineers
• Electric vehicle/mobility companies
• Microgrid developers/owners
• Rate planners
• Regulatory staff
• Technology developers and investors