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Wow. 11 hand-selected, timely and relevant topical tracks designed to keep your experience organized and productive. We understand you don't want to leave a single stone unturned. So, here is your first step in prioritizing your list.


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Asset management track icon

Asset management track

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Leading utilities are optimizing maintenance spend by reducing corrective and time/counter-based maintenance and increasing effectiveness of their capital investments through risk assessment, conditioned-based maintenance, and T&D asset analytics. Sessions in this track will help attendees develop an understanding...

Customer strategies & technologies track icon

Customer strategies & technologies track

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Energy providers and electricity deliverers are developing technology roadmaps and leveraging smart grid investments to not only enable enhanced customer engagement, but to improve infrastructure efficiency and defer capital expenditures. Customers expect their utilities to provide them with much more than just electrons...

Data analytics track icon

Data analytics track

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Data analytics is key to enabling the grid to accommodate the technological, customer, regulatory and societal changes that are occurring. This track includes utility best practices and new concepts that create value across a utility’s many lines of business. In addition, it covers how utilities are moving beyond single application...

Defending the grid track icon

Defending the grid track

Utilities, like every other sector of our society, are exposed to a litany of threats to both their physical and cyber assets, as well as their financial well-being. The nature of the electric utility business makes generating plants, powerlines, substations and customer connections vulnerable and easily accessible to both physical and cyberattacks...

DER management and control track

DER management and control track

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The electric grid is becoming more complex and much of this complexity stems from the rapid rise of distributed energy resources (DERs). To maintain grid reliability and efficiency, grid operators must understand the operational concepts, capabilities and architectural principles related to managing and controlling DER...

Disruptive, emerging and innovative technologies track icon

Disruptive, emerging and innovative technologies track

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Emerging and innovative technologies create new opportunities for utilities, electricity deliverers and energy providers. At the same time, these technologies can create major disruptions and challenges. Either way, these transformational technologies are a fact of life for most companies involved with electricity delivery. To succeed...

Distribution automation track icon

Distribution automation track

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Successful substation and feeder automation requires the integration and enhancement of various technologies, including smart switching and protective devices, smart sensors, intelligent controls, telecommunication protocols, devices and infrastructure, along with analytical and simulation software, to facilitate real-time decisions and meet growing customer expectations...

Energy storage track icon

Energy storage track

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Utilities have always looked for ways to increase the reliability, flexibility, security and efficiency of power delivery systems. The introduction of alternative energy sources and active energy markets has led to an increased focus on energy storage to address both traditional and emerging power system needs, such as...

Enterprise grid management track icon

Enterprise grid management track

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This track focuses on leveraging technology, best practice business processes and centralized decision making to improve and enable real time decision making in power system operations. It offers a venue for the world’s utilities to share their experiences and gain new perspectives on the evolving power systems...

Internet of things & smart cities track icon

Internet of things & smart cities track

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Grid of Things (GoT) are rapidly evolving into smart cities. Electric utilities/electricity providers are at the heart of this effort, providing, in many cases, the electric, communications and device infrastructures that form the core ecosystem upon which connected and interoperable devices are built...

Reliability, resiliency and response track icon

Reliability, resiliency and response track

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Grid reliability and resiliency are not the same, but are strongly interlinked. Cyberattacks and hacks, aging infrastructure and disastrous weather events make it harder than ever for energy transmission and distribution (T&D) companies to keep power flowing and to restore power when outages do occur. Customers’, regulators’ and...