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We'll make this brief-ish.

With 11 tracks covering all of the game-changers and disruptors, there is a lot to cover. We'll "sum-it" up on one page. Then fill the blanks in New Orleans.

Knowledge hubs

Knowledge hubs (NEW!)

Great sessions. For free.

New this year (we feel like we keep saying that) - we've lauched a fully-scheduled, multi-location presentation program on the exhibition floor… open… to… everyone!



Consumer symposium

Co-located Event.

A one-of-a-kind event that focuses exclusively on customers and their relationships with the smart grid, grid edge tech and related utility programs.


Training & workshop

Co-located Event.

Learn about emerging energy Blockchain technologies at the nation’s largest energy transmission and distribution event.

Protect our power

Best practices in utility cybersecurity

Co-located Event.

Expert presentations focused on a cybersecurity Topic, the vendors in the Topic area, and the presenter’s view of the Best Practice within the Topic.


Grid management working group meeting

Co-Located Event.

Following last year’s successful meeting to write the requirements for utilities around Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems.



That's right. More than one.

Instead of just the one kick-off keynote session, this year - attendees are treated to multiple keynote addresses throughout the week. Each keynote includes a different speaker lineup!

Utility University®

Utility University®

Pre-game your DistribuTECH.

Utility University® occurs the Monday of DistribuTECH (before we say it starts). Don't worry about that. Worry about attending these great workshops.

Mega sessions

Mega sessions

The big ones.

Check out these unique mega sessions. Each brings an impactful and insightful group of panel of speakers to the table. If you're not in one of these - you're lost.

Live webcast

FREE Live webcast

Tuesday, Feb 5 - 11:30 a.m.

Learn how to leverage AR tech and mobile workforce mgmt. solutions to identify and get asset info, run network traces, collaborate with workers and provide remote worker assists.


Initiate! is here

Start-ups & students.

Our start-up and student ecosystem is here. Networking and idea sharing with the freshest and most innovative talent today - and tomorrow.

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