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This is the brains of the operation. Search our fully live conference program right here. Interested in just learning about the 11 tracks? We've got you covered. If you have any questions along the way, we're here to help.


Debbi Wells
Conference manager
+1 918 832 9265
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Important info for speakers.

Looking for login info, presenation guidelines, tools and FAQs? Well, we made a page that includes login info, presenation guidelines, tools and FAQs.

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Track descriptions

We'll make this brief-ish.

With 11 tracks covering all of the game-changers and disruptors, there is a lot to cover. We'll sum it up on one page. Then fill the blanks in New Orleans.

Keynote recap and videos

Keynote recap & videos

Watch it all again.

Check out this year's impressive speakers again, whenever you feel like it. Watch videos of our opening remarks, social media outlook and from our keynote speakers themselves.

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2018 conference search

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Look for anything in our live program based on track, date, speaker, session type - or for the modern search junkie... keyword. Get to it!

Utility University®

Utility University®

Coming soon.

Utility University occurs the Monday of DistribuTECH (before we say its starts). Don't worry about that. Worry about attending these great workshops.

Mega sessions

Mega sessions

Coming soon.

Check out these unique mega sessions. Each brings an impactful and insightful group of panel of speakers to the table. If you're not in one of these at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday - you're lost.