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2025 details coming soon!

The City of the Future at DISTRIBUTECH is all about building bridges – connecting utilities and cities at the same place and time. Technology advancements are rapidly changing how electric power is produced, distributed, and used. As a result, cities and utilities share more goals in common than in the past, creating both enormous opportunities as well as the need for dialogue. Cities are indispensable partners in the push to decarbonize and electrify – together with our attendees, partners, and committee members, we strive to bring stakeholders together to define priorities, gain insight into technological advancements, and move resilient, smart cities forward!  

Who Should Attend?

  • Mayors  

  • City Managers  

  • City Planners 

  • Urban Developers  

  • Chief Innovation Officers  

  • Chief Sustainability Officers  

  • Regional Planning Councils 

  • Efficiency Managers

Focus Area: Smart Transportation

  • Streetlights 

  • Parking 

  • EV Charging  

  • Fleet Management and Electrification at scale 

  • Asset Management 

Focus Area: Public Health & Safety

  • Environmental Monitoring 

  • Weather Tracking  

  • Waste Management  

  • Asset Tracking 

  • Pedestrian monitoring  

  • Video monitoring  

  • Community Resiliency  

Discussion Points:  

  1. How to bridge silos between departments – transit agency, utility, field workers, emergency response, others

  2. Infrastructure and investment Jobs Act – how cities are using this to invest in solutions at scale. 

  3. Deployment of IT/OT solutions to drive data-driven solutions and decision making.  

  4. Building stronger relationships between utilities and municipal stakeholders  

  5. P3 – Public Private Partnerships  

  6. Community resiliency using batteries, PV, co-gen systems to meet cities needs to withstand the impacts of climate change.  

2025 details coming soon!