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Where Will the Power Come From: A Discussion for Utilities Who Need More, Now

Feb 27, 2024

For many utilities, meeting the increasing demand for power may feel insurmountable. The problem is complex, multi-faceted, and sometimes beyond our nexus of control. The demand for power continues to increase as everything from vehicles to large industrials electrify; the digital revolution continues to accelerate; pressure to decarbonize leads to less reliable, variable power sources. 

How will you meet these significant challenges in a timely fashion to support your customers’ needs?

Join us for meaningful dialogue about what we’ve done and what is coming to create reliable, resilient, sustainable, and affordable solutions for your customers. Learn how to future-proof your solutions to deliver committed outcomes for 20 years or more in an era of continual industry change.

Sponsored by Caterpillar Electric Power, our special guests come from industries who have successfully met these challenges and continue to innovate for the future. They will discuss successes, challenges, what they predict on the energy transition horizon, and how we make more meaningful progress when we work together. Learn about upcoming innovations that they predict will be critical enablers to support the energy transition so you can prepare and ensure your business and customers’ success.