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Holistic T&D Planning of the Future Grid Using Intelligent, Data-Driven Solutions from the Grid-Edge all the way to the Bulk-Power System

Feb 28, 2024

This panel discussion, moderated by Hala Ballouz, president & CEO of Electric Power Engineers, discusses the intricacies of digital transformation, with a particular emphasis on the pivotal role played by sophisticated, data-centric modeling in influencing the trajectory of Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERM), electrification, and the seamless integration of Transmission & Distribution Planning.

The panel will engage utility industry veterans, who will apply their unique expertise to the discussion. Attendees will gain a holistic understanding of the critical nature of digital transformation as a key driver in the energy sector, with a focus on practical implementations such as Electric Vehicle (EV) dispatch management, the seamless integration of demand response systems, and integrated T&D planning. The experience shared by utilities in handling aggregated EVs and other innovative technologies will offer practical insights for those seeking guidance in their digital transformation efforts.

This session will emphasize holistic solutions, specifically focusing on the integration of DERMS, EVs, and demand response initiatives within the framework of digital transformation. We will explore how these comprehensive strategies can effectively address the challenges of regulatory compliance. This panel is an opportunity to understand how utilities can implement their digitalization efforts holistically with other initiatives to pave the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and connected energy future.