UU 302: The Future of Outage Management Systems

Jan 25, 2022
C144, First Level
Utility University

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The purpose of this course is to educate students on: 

  • Outage Optimization and Digital Strategies for OMS 
  • Advanced ADMS/OMS Data Exchanges  
  • Visibility of Network Models Outside of the Control Center 
  • Advanced Outage Analytics 
  • OMS Product Roadmaps 
  • Using Fault Data and AMI Data to Improve Outage Predictions 

Attendees will acquire:

Learn about: 

  • Digital Communications Strategies  
  • Outage Data Exchanges, Standards, and Protocols  
  • Network Model Visibility 
  • Maintaining OMS models 
  • Advanced Outage Analytics 
  • Future Directions of OMS Products 
  • Fault Data and AMI Data Integration 
  • Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Management  

Who should attend:

  • Experienced OMS (and ADMS) end-users 
  • OMS administrators 
  • Control Center Managers 
  • Customer Service managers 
  • People involved in the procurement of a new or replacement OMS or ADMS 
  • Emergency Preparedness Managers 

Prerequisite skills, knowledge, certifications:

  • Some exposure to electric utility practices 
  • Basic experience withs OMS or emergency management practices and/or Outage Management Fundamentals


  • Understanding of Digital Communications Strategies
  • Understanding of the Advanced Outage Management technologies including Outage Analytics, Network Models and Outage Data Exchange Protocols
  • Understanding of how AMI Data and Fault Data can be Used in Outage Management 
Terry Nielsen, Executive Vice President - GridBright
Zac Canders, CEO/Co-Founder - DataCapable
Scott Thomsen, Director of Communications and Public Affairs - Ventura County Fire Department
Kevin Ding, Director, Advanced Digital Systems - CenterPoint Energy
David Vanderbloemen, Consultant - DV Consulting, LLC