UU 207: Using the Common Information Model for Distribution Grid Model Data Management

Jan 25, 2022
C154, First Level
Utility University

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This course will provide an overview of the use of the Common Information Model (CIM) for organizing grid model data,  focusing on the use of CIM data constructs to enable effective network model data management solutions inside the utility enterprise.

The course will cover a variety of topics related to leveraging the CIM to improve utility management of grid model data, including:

  • The distribution network model management challenge
  • Organizing utility grid model data management using a business function approach
  • Grid Model Manager tool functional requirements
  • CIM data constructs for the modeling of power system data
  • CIM data constructs for the management of power system data
  • CIM-related IEC Standards overview
  • Areas of current CIM activity relevant to distribution grid model management

Who should attend:

The course is suited to technical and manager-level utility personnel working in the operations, planning, or GIS areas as well as those working in IT roles supporting those areas. It will provide information useful to utility personnel in:

  • designing local solutions for managing network model data from its source in engineering and facilities tools to its ultimate use in planning, protection, and operations network analysis tools
  • specifying CIM-standard interfaces in tool procurements
  • specifying requirements for tools expected to perform the grid model management function

It is also suited to vendor personnel who are developers or product managers for tools that are used to supply, consume, or manage grid model data (including GIS, engineering design tools, and network analysis software such as planning/protection tools and OMS, DMS or ADMS). The course will provide information vendor personnel would find useful in:

  • understanding the enterprise-wide requirements of distribution utilities related to grid model management
  • designing CIM-aligned tool interfaces that enable effective utility model management solutions
  • understanding the functional requirements of tools intended to deliver grid model management capability

Prerequisite skills, knowledge, certifications:

Attendees familiar with the use, creation, or management of grid model data at utilities will gain maximum benefit from this course.


  • The need for and value of recognizing grid model management as a critical utility business function
  • An understanding of the two main grid model management subfunctions: master grid modeling and assembly support
  • The CIM’s support for power system data modeling as well as constructs that support the ‘building block’ maintenance of grid models
Pat Brown, Technical Executive, Information & Communication Technologies - Electric Power Research Institute
Alan McMorran, Managing Director - Open Grid Systems Ltd.
Yang Feng, Technical Sales Lead - Siemens
Scott Coe, President - GridOptimize