UU 206: The Data Driven Utility - Getting Started with Data Analytics

Jan 25, 2022
C148, First Level
Utility University

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This course will use the analytics value chain to define increasing levels of analytics capabilities and maturity for those who are getting started in data analytics.  

Attendees should acquire:

  • Understand utility examples of analytics use cases that correspond to the analytics value chain (business intelligence, statistical analysis through to prescriptive models, and process optimization).   
  • Understand the people, process, and technology maturity associated with these levels. 
  • Appreciate how to program governance, data quality, and builds vs. buy decisions parallel each of these steps.   

Who should attend:

Utility personnel for gas, electric, or water utilities with an interest in beginning or maturing a data analytics program.   

  • Level(s) Within Organization: multi-unit director, unit manager, supervisor 
  • Functional Unit(s) Within Organization:  Appropriate for all functional units with the organization 

Prerequisite skills, knowledge, certifications:  None


  • For each level of analytics capabilities, attendees will understand the types of data-driven decisions available across different business domains (customer service, operations, asset management, etc.) for electric and water utilities.  
  • Attendees will gain an understanding of the people, process, and technology components representative for each level.   
  • Key concepts such as program governance, data quality, and build vs. buy will be explored.


  1. Awareness of the needed first steps to get started with data analytics.  
  2. An understanding of the analytics value chain and examples of data-driven decisions, across domains, appropriate for each level.  
  3. Identification of the people, process, and technology components representative of moving up the analytics value chain.   
Mark Hatfield, VP, Innovation - E Source
Thomas Martin, Strategic Sales Director - E Source