Breakfast roundtables

These roundtable discussions provide excellent opportunities to network with peers while engaging with industry experts. Roundtables focused on specific industry topics are moderated by leading professionals in each field. The roundtables sell out quickly – don’t delay reserving your seat!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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Debbi Wells
Conference manager
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Breakfast roundtable topics

UPDATE: All breakfasts are SOLD OUT

Advanced Distribution Automation - (SOLD OUT)
Advanced Grid Automation - (SOLD OUT)
Advanced Sensors for Asset Management - (SOLD OUT)
Aging Infrastructure - (SOLD OUT)
AMI and Outage Management - (SOLD OUT)
Artificial Intelligence - (SOLD OUT)
Asset Management - (SOLD OUT)
Beyond the Meter/Smart Homes - (SOLD OUT)
Block Chain Use Cases - (SOLD OUT)
Cloud - (SOLD OUT)
Communications Solutions - (SOLD OUT)
Customer Engagement - (SOLD OUT)
Cybersecurity – Beyond NERC-CIP - (SOLD OUT)
Demand Response and Other Non-wires Alternatives - (SOLD OUT)
Distributed Energy Resources (includes renewable energy) - (SOLD OUT)
Distributed Intelligence in Distribution Systems - (SOLD OUT)
Distribution Automation - (SOLD OUT)
Drones - (SOLD OUT)
Distribution System Operators (DSO) - (SOLD OUT)
Electrification of Transportation - (SOLD OUT)
Energy Storage - (SOLD OUT)
Geospatial and Digital Transformation - (SOLD OUT)
Grid and Utility of the Future - (SOLD OUT)
Internet of Things – IoT - (SOLD OUT)
IT/OT Integration - (SOLD OUT)
Microgrids - (SOLD OUT)
Mobile Technologies - (SOLD OUT)
Physical Security-Protection, Alarms and Response - (SOLD OUT)
Real World Substation Automation - (SOLD OUT)
Real-time Outage Location, Notification and Restoration (includes FLISR) - (SOLD OUT)
Smart Cities - (SOLD OUT)
Storm Preparation and Response Utility Project Delivery - (SOLD OUT)
The Digital Utility Transformation - (SOLD OUT)